Kahumana Organic Farms Farmers Market: Straight from the Source

How far do your veggies and fruits travel to get to you? When you buy from Kahumana Farmers Market, a lot of the produce comes from a certified organic farm just 5 minutes away.

If you ever wondered how farms operate, the Farmers Market at Kahumana Organic Farms can give you a great picture. Produce is grown at their certified organic and regenerative farm in Lualualei Valley, and gets driven over to their Wash Station where all the produce is washed, sorted, and stored. Twice a week, they have a Farmers Market at this Wash Station – where farming magic happens, including relationship building.

Kahumana Farmers Market Produce

Though it can be a bit of a drive, your experience here can include more than just shopping. You’re encouraged to take a walk around the farm and have a picnic with the relaxing view of the mountain ranges of Waianae. What’s for sale is just as beautiful. Aside from selling what they grow, Kahumana also sells what they gather through their Farm Hub – making for a diverse selection of all local vegetables and fruits. In addition, the Kahumana Farm Hub aggregates and distributes produce from backyard growers and small farmers from Oahu, Big Island, Maui, and the list keeps growing. Here, supporting local farmers is made easy and fun.

“I love working the Saturday market because it connects me to the community of growers and eaters, like-minded people who care about a quality food system and eating healthy food.”

Travis, Kahumana Farmer

These markets became bigger and more necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kahumana wished to provide people with a safe, outdoor way to access fresh food during a time where social distancing is important. Their Saturday market in particular started because of COVID-19, but has become a great way to bring people together. On Saturdays, the farm is also joined by West Sides and Naked Cow Dairy Farm & Creamery who bring in delicious appetizers, salads, and dairy products. 

A farmers market at a farm. You’re sure to come away with a novel experience, relationships with your farmer, and great food.

The Details:
Kahumanu Farmers Market
86-660 Lualualei Homestead Rd., Waianae, Oahu 96792
Tuesdays 12 – 2:30 pm, Saturdays 9 am – 12 pm
Vendor Contact: (808)-696-2655

*Kahumana Organic Farms is also a vendor at the Kakaako Farmers Market on Saturdays, 8am – 12pm

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