Hawaiian Food Recipes

We’ve compiled and will continue featuring local Hawaiian Recipes using products you can find at Hawaii Farmers Markets! If you have a special recipe featuring Hawaii farmers market foods that you’d like to share, please contact us.

Uala Dill Salad by Kaui Onekea of Ehuola Ohana Health Project - This uala dill salad recipe was developed by Kaui Onekea for the Ehuola Ohana Health Project. Her goal for this… Read More →
Easy Ulu Doughnut Holes from The Locavore Store - For the self-proclaimed non-bakers - like Catarina Zaragoza, co-owner of The Locavore Store — this ulu doughnut holes recipe is… Read More →
Country Dill Salad Dressing from Naked Cow Dairy - Country dill salad dressing sounds pretty good, but when you realize the cheese and yogurt used in the recipe is… Read More →
Poi Banana Bread from the Keiki Produce Prescriptions Program - Poi Banana Bread sounds like the beautiful marriage of two of some of the most culturally iconic Hawaiian food crops… Read More →
Kiawe Flour Blondie Aina Bars by Vince Dodge of Waianae Gold - Haumana o Halau Ku Mana spend the day at Waianae Gold sorting and drying Kiawe beans. These Blondie Aina Bars… Read More →
Sautéed Radish Leaves by Amanda Smith, the Menehune Chef - “The connection to the food and the land is what I fell in love with”, shares Amanda Smith. And after… Read More →
ulu tortillas Ulu Tortillas by Tom Pickett of Kilauea Bakery - It’s July 1991 and the Kilauea Bakery bakes its first loaves of bread for the rural Kauai town of Kilauea.… Read More →
Cassava Patties by Aunty Kaiulani Odom of Kokua Kalihi Valley - This Cassava Patties recipe is a favorite of Kaiulani, director of the Roots Program at Kokua Kalihi Valley. An incredible… Read More →