Hawaii Food Recipes

We’ve compiled and will continue featuring local Hawaii Recipes using products you can find at Hawaii Farmers Markets! If you have a special recipe featuring Hawaii farmers market foods that you’d like to share, please contact us.

Cucumber Salad by Cameron Foy from the Kapili ‘Oihana Internship Program - When asked to share a recipe, Cameron Foy thought of her favorite cucumber salad. She purchases locally grown cucumber from… Read More →
Roasted Papaya from Sustainable Boost - This Roasted Papaya recipe was created by Amber Long using Sustainable Boost's Better Together Turmeric Ginger powder. Amber “was born… Read More →
Raven Hanna’s Mamey Sapote Pudding - Mamey Sapote Pudding sounds so foreign but once you taste this simple and flavorful recipe you’ll be seeking out this… Read More →
Tomato Jam by Chef Lyndon Honda of Project Kokua - This Tomato Jam recipe was created by Chef Lyndon Honda who was born and raised on Oahu and attended culinary… Read More →
Chili by Carissa Holley of Blue Zones Project - This chili recipe was a way for Carissa Holley to turn her whole family into bean lovers. As a working… Read More →
Hukilau Lanai’s Warm Quinoa Salad with Hanalei Taro Hummus - This warm quinoa salad recipe uses seasonal ingredients grown by local Kauai farmers like cauliflower, curry leaves, sweet peppers and… Read More →
Mama Jelly’s Chicken Papaya from Tita Kaiwi of Maui Food Bank - A comforting Filipino soup — chicken papaya is the “chicken noodle soup” of Hawaii. To get the ingredients for this… Read More →
Kabocha Squash Soup from Kaimana Brummel of Blue Zones Project - The meal Kaimana Brummel makes for every occasion has humble beginnings at her local farmers market where she first discovered… Read More →
Uala Dill Salad by Kaui Onekea of Ehuola Ohana Health Project - This uala dill salad recipe was developed by Kaui Onekea for the Ehuola Ohana Health Project. Her goal for this… Read More →
Easy Ulu Doughnut Holes from The Locavore Store - For the self-proclaimed non-bakers - like Catarina Zaragoza, co-owner of The Locavore Store — this ulu doughnut holes recipe is… Read More →