Uala Dill Salad by Kaui Onekea of Ehuola Ohana Health Project

This uala dill salad recipe was developed by Kaui Onekea for the Ehuola Ohana Health Project. Her goal for this dish was to create a delicious mac salad substitute filled with farm fresh ingredients sourced entirely from Kalihi FoodHub and its partnering farmers. She also wanted to fill the recipe with lots of color, extra greens, and awesome flavor. “For me the best way to eat kale is to cut it up really, really small…” admits Kau’i who truly enjoys eating from her ahupuaa.

Kaui is the new Mobile Market Manager at Kokua Kalihi Valley on Oahu. At KKV, “health means wholeness” and the organization offers many programs to engage the community and make healthy eating options easy and enjoyable. Raised in Maunalaha, Kaui is excited about her new position and her role in helping to bridge the gap between farmers and eaters in her district.

Fresh and delicious sweet potato makes this island style potato salad da best!

In Hawaii, uala prospered in the farming hands of ancient Hawaiians offering the people a great source of complex carbs and vitamins, keeping them vital and healthy . Until today it remains a popular food — the leaves are delicious in a stir-fry or stuffed into whole fish grilled over an open fire. The ‘uala can take on many forms in sweet and savory dishes. Here is a simply delicious recipe that can easily be doubled or tripled in size “to share with everybody”, like Kau’i hopes all the people of Hawaii will do.

Uala Dill Salad


  • ¼ – ½ C.   Uala                               
  • 1 lb          Carrots, grated                       
  • ½ cup      Kale, chopped                           
  • ½ cup      Green onion, sliced                  
  • ¼ cup      Dill, finely chopped                                 
  • 3 Tbs        Mayonnaise             

Preparation Instructions:

  • Cut uala into medium cubes  and place into a small pot.  
  • Fill with water until `uala is covered.  
  • Boil on medium heat for 10 minutes or until soft.
  • When done let cool, and place in a medium sized bowl.  
  • Add carrots, kale, green onions, and dill to the ‘uala bowl.
  • Add just enough mayonnaise to bring it all together until combined.  
  • Garnish with additional green onion.  
  • If you want to get fancy, cut green onion into 1 inch pieces, then cut vertically into strips and place into a small bowl of water filled with ice cubes.  Let it sit until it curls up like a ribbon.    

Who knew dill and `uala would taste so good together!  You must try it!!  

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